"Smiles on the Tiles"

The wooden tiles on the kitchen floor - a dance floor for grandma who kept me fed with food and laughter. She is strong and clever and funny and caring. She always packs my raincoat when she thinks it will pour and kisses me on the head as she sends me through the door.


She laughs when I laugh, smiles when I smile.


I want her to smile forever - just like she did all those years ago - on the tiles of the kitchen floor singing along to her favourite tunes; dancing.






Christy Ng X Smiley® Grocery Tote



Christy Ng X Smiley® Grocery Tote Mini



Christy Ng X Smiley® Medium Tote Bag



Christy Ng X Smiley® Slider




Reminiscent of 90s classic diner's tiles, we'd like to implore a hint of nostalgia—an homage to a past era's design with a modern, playful twist.


We'd like to bring some of that youthful energy to your daily lives! The young have an aura of defiant optimism that we hope to implore in all who carry the collection.



It's time to #GetSmiley with the #SmileyXChristyNg collection, dropping Feb 25.


Smiley's classic yellow spreads a message of positivity and vibrant energy that we love. We think that it perfectly compliments the colour of the blue cornflower—symbolising hope for the future and a reminder of simple beauty.


The colours are simple, yet have a sort of youthful vigour to it, in a somewhat playful, rebellious nature.


A defiance of the mediocre; of the mundane.


“Pursuit of the Dream; on Heels”



At the beginning, there was light. And ridicule. And failure.


Be it by friends, industry players, or worse, family. They have mocked this dream of mine—to make a pair of shoes so beautiful and comfortable that every woman will fall in love with it; and not have to break the bank for it.


“You have no experience,” they said. “Or money.”


They weren’t wrong. I had neither of them. But this mission of mine wasn’t just something I wanted to do; it was something I ought to. I have been wearing shoes that have cause my feet so much pain that I grew calluses.


Women deserve better.


So, through hard work and resilience, Christy Ng was born—along with the shoes I’ve dreamt so dearly of. The Christy Ng story is about liberation and empowerment—imploring all women out there to chase your dreams, regardless of how far-fetched or distant they may seem right now. It’s about passion and determination to pursue something that means the world to you, deep within the recesses of you heart; the very core of your being.