Inspired by the timeless glamour of the 1940s, each tote features a bespoke print that showcases the iconic elements of Krispy Kreme's brand. The first print features the classic delivery truck that was once the backbone of Krispy Kreme's delivery service, a nod to the company's rich heritage and commitment to quality. The second print captures the mouth-watering half dozen donut packaging, showcasing the brand's iconic flavours in a retro-chic style.


But this collaboration is more than just a feast for the eyes and palate — it's about touching and enhancing lives. We aim to provide our customers with an exquisite experience that combines the pleasures of fashion and food. The canvas totes featuring the retro prints and the mouth-watering flavours of Krispy Kreme's donuts are sure to enhance your everyday life, making it a little more special and luxurious. We understand that in today's fast-paced world, finding moments of pure enjoyment and indulgence can be rare, and we hope that this collaboration will provide just that.


So come and experience the perfect blend of indulgence and philanthropy with Krispy Kreme x Christy Ng. Treat yourself or a loved one to the ultimate luxury and make a difference while doing so. This is a limited edition collection drops March 22 — available exclusively at Krispy Kreme Outlets near you.





Available starting March 22 for purchase at all Krispy Kreme Outlets while stocks last.




Canvas Tote Only

1 x Krispy Kreme X Christy Ng Canvas Tote Bag

Choose between doughnut or vintage truck design


RM69.00 (Genting Sky Avenue, Genting Premium Outlet & KLIA)


Combo 1

1 x Box of 3 Ramadan Doughnuts

1 x Krispy Kreme X Christy Ng Canvas Tote Bag

Choose between doughnut or vintage truck design


RM79.00 (Genting Sky Avenue, Genting Premium Outlet & KLIA)


Combo 2

3 x Box of 3 Ramadan Doughnuts

1 x Krispy Kreme X Christy Ng Canvas Tote Bag
Choose between doughnut or vintage truck design


RM99.00 (Genting Sky Avenue, Genting Premium Outlet & KLIA)


*Prices above reflects only tote bags and combos and does not include additional charges for personalization of bags.



While stocks last


Prices of tote bags & combos are already inclusive of tax


“Paramount Quality & Craftsmanship”



In the world of fashion and design, inspiration can come from anywhere — from art and architecture to nature and technology, and in this case, a message. The prints on the totes are not just mere representations of the brand's heritage, but are also a symbolic parallel to core values Christy Ng and Krispy Kreme both share. The print featuring the classic Krispy Kreme delivery truck, for example, is not just a visual depiction of a vehicle, but rather a symbol of our shared commitment to quality and excellence in service.


Similarly, the print showcasing the half dozen donut packaging is not just a representation of the brand's flavours, but a hyperreal image that speaks to society's collective desire for indulgence and pleasure — a desire that Christy Ng and Krispy Kreme aim to satiate with the highest quality. Through this print, the design team at Christy Ng has created a world where the brand's iconic elements have taken on a new significance, becoming objects of desire that are both a voguish piece and arguably, a "delicacy".


In the end, the inspiration for the prints on the canvas totes in this collaboration is not just limited to the visual elements of the brand — it is a reflection of the desire and pleasure that Krispy Kreme's donuts evoke in us all; and the nostalgia for a time when quality and craftsmanship were paramount. We vaunt the world that is both fashionable and indulgent, a celebration of our collective desire for the sweet life.


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