The Christy Ng Fillmore Canvas Tote — a staple of the brand's repertoire — makes a bold return in a fresh and dynamic guise, infused with an avant-garde spirit that characterizes the contemporary cultural zeitgeist. This season's collection once again showcases the interlocking initials, rendered in bold and graphic strokes, create a mesmerizing visual rhythm that are bound to captivate the discerning eye.


The absence of sinuous curves is no accident, but rather a deliberate choice that emphasizes the essential structure and form of the interlocking letters.


The collection's distinctive print design is not limited to the bag itself; it extends to the accompanying twilly, a dynamic accessory that allows us to style the bag in unexpected and exciting ways. The twilly, adorned with the same interlocking initials as the tote, printed in vibrant hues that echo those of the tote, create a sense of dynamic interplay between the two accessories. The symbiotic interaction between the tote and the twilly produces a stunning dance of contrasts and resonances — a sensory symphony that thrills the sight and piques the imagination.



Christy Ng Fillmore SS23 Grocery Tote



Christy Ng Fillmore SS23 Mini Grocery Tote



Christy Ng Fillmore SS23 Twilly



Tote + Premium Embroidery Service (Add Name)

Tote Price + RM35



“Pursuit of the Dream; on Heels”



At the beginning, there was light. And ridicule. And failure.


Be it by friends, industry players, or worse, family. They have mocked this dream of mine—to make a pair of shoes so beautiful and comfortable that every woman will fall in love with it; and not have to break the bank for it.


“You have no experience,” they said. “Or money.”


They weren’t wrong. I had neither of them. But this mission of mine wasn’t just something I wanted to do; it was something I ought to. I have been wearing shoes that have cause my feet so much pain that I grew calluses.


Women deserve better.


So, through hard work and resilience, Christy Ng was born—along with the shoes I’ve dreamt so dearly of. The Christy Ng story is about liberation and empowerment—imploring all women out there to chase your dreams, regardless of how far-fetched or distant they may seem right now. It’s about passion and determination to pursue something that means the world to you, deep within the recesses of you heart; the very core of your being.



What sets this iteration of the Fillmore Canvas Tote apart from its predecessors is the striking use of color that suffuses the collection. The signature monogram — rendered in bold, graphic strokes — is repeated in a series of hyper-saturated hues that range from deep black to vivid pink, verdant green, soothing beige, and earthy brown.


These colors do not merely serve an ornamental function, but also evoke a multiplicity of possible inspirations, from the lush verdure of tropical jungles to the sleek lines of minimalist architecture; from the rich warmth of leather to the cool neutrality of concrete.