Our Story

How it all came to life

Shoe heaven’s bitter sweet journey began in the living room of Christy’s mother house in Taman Bukit Emas, Petaling Jaya.  Due to the lack of funds, bootstrapping was the only feasible way the business could kick off the ground.

It all started when Christina Ng, then working for a Swiss Pharmaceutical company decided to put her childhood dream to life and make some side income. Christy Ng is a pseudonym used in the initial stage during brand conceptualization as a symbol of reinvention in hopes of great things to come. After loading a few unique shoe designs on Facebook, the news went viral and the Christy Ng Shoes fan page gained thousands of fans within the first month.

How it All Begin : Shoe Heaven

Encouraged by the response, a simple blog using free wordpress shopping cart plugins was created.

Christy used her savings from her part time jobs as a waitress and her winnings from Nescafe Kickstart Season 5 as capital to create more new designs to put up for sale.

Shoe Heaven Old Blog

As sales picked up in early-2011, a full-fledged e-commerce store was required to cater to the increasing demands and orders which were pouring in.

Growing Up & Education

Growing up was tough. Due to financial constraints, Christy was constantly working part time to support her expenses. Some of the jobs included selling flowers at a nearby LRT station when she was 12, selling ice-cream when she was 15, and working as a waitress at different F& B joints from the age of 16 – 23 years. She would often be sleeping thru most of her classes in school due to exhaustion from working at night.

When Christy was 15, she wanted to join the design team in her school's editorial board but was rejected by her school teacher who thought she wasn't good enough to handle the job.

While in University, Christy continued working as a waitress to help fund her expenses through her degree in Biotechnology and Life Science until she finally graduated in 2010. Christy Ng has never studied fashion design prior to starting the business.

Most of the savings accumulated from these part time jobs together with her winnings from Nescafe Kickstart Season 5 were put into good use when shoe heaven first kicked off.

Exposure to social media

Christy's first exposure to social media was during the days or internet chat relay (mIRC). At that time, there were chat room channels where people of the common interest could connect and talk.

It was obvious that the internet was a great way to share and gain the support of the people who shared the same believes.  

A store which runs 24 hours, 7 days a week


Christy thought that it would be a convenient way for consumers to shop for shoes at the luxury of their own home -with just a click of the mouse!  Mainstream brands were not readily available in the rural areas of Malaysia and e-commerce would be the most effective and feasible way for woman to shop for shoes.

The idea of having one single store where people from any part of this globe can shop at 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year was sexy. Being able to sell products we believed in and sharing our passion with the rest of mankind was mind blowing.  The world just suddenly becomes your oyster and possibilities started to seem limitless.


Relocating Shoe Heaven

To provide a better shopping environment for customers and a more conducive environment for all Christy Ng team members, Christy decided to relocate Shoe Heaven to Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya. The Shoe House was becoming cramp and team members will be soaking in their own pool of sweat all afternoon trying to get things in order.

Relocation of Shoe Heaven

One Fine Sun Shiny Day

This was momentous event of our signboard installation. From left to right: Crystal Ng, Operations, Christy and Sabrina Lai, Finance.

Christy Ng Sign Board

Both Sabrina & Crystal would spend their nights sleeping inside the office during the early days on relocation. We were working on a shoe string budget trying to set up the storage facilities, POS facilities, computer systems and everything from mending the furniture to throwing away old shoe boxes.

The team played an exceptional role and contributed heavily in bringing the office to life today.

“The office storeroom is a great place to sleep. I can sleep very peacefully.” – Sabrina Lai


Shoe Heaven’s mini Show Room


Brand’s Philosophy

Shoe Heaven is all about turning our childhood dreams to life.


Shoe Heaven

Every girl wants a closet filled with fabulous shoes. With that in mind, it is Christy Ng’s goal to recreate every girl’s shoe fantasies and turning them into reality by manufacturing unique, exceptional quality footwear at a decent price tag.
“With the right pair of heels, she can conquer the world.”

Welcome to Shoe Heaven, we hope we make a dent in your Universe!