If You're Wearing Any Of These, You're 100% A Fashion Person

If You're Wearing Any Of These, You're 100% A Fashion Person

These 7 Basics Are The Ultimate Heroes of Any Wardrobe

If you want to truly have a wardrobe that instantly kicks your fashion sense up a couple of notches higher, it's time to take basics seriously. Basics are the bedrock pieces in any wardrobe. Behind every fashionista's dazzling fits are an array of seriously simple pieces that act as metaphorical building blocks to easily complement trendier pieces with each season.

1. Jolie Strappy Mules

While there are a ton of options for basics out there, step foot in a single mall and you can easily tell that the options are in the ‘way-too-much’ category. Drowning you in a sea of boring, dry options. Traits of a style-setter kind of basic must be both versatile and irresistibly fashionable.

The Christy Ng's Jolie Strappy Mules favours an elegant demeanour that’s classy yet minimal in its flair. Handmade from supple vegan leather, these slip-in mules have slim overlapping straps that comfortably wrap around your feet like they were practically made for you.

Look hard enough, and you’ll notice that there’s always a special few key styles that constantly get rotated by influencers and style-forward gals. It’s the same piece that’s used on repeat numerous times but you never notice it because it just fits so fabulously well. The barely-there nature of these strappy mules is exactly one of those key looks.

It sits on a trending square-toe silhouette with slim but wide geometrical heels for an inviting & sophisticated impression. Wear these comfy slip-ins with your favourite pair of denim or skirt.

2. Violeta Canvas Crossbody Bag

Every day is a brand new day with its own unique set of quirks & challenges which is why… Sporting the same old style every day of the week is a definite no-no. Take a deeper look within and you’ll find yourself having a distinctly different style for each day of the week. On Monday you might be feeling all minimalist & clean while Thursday might call for a maximalist vibe but not too loud.

Having basics that suit your inner stylist call is compulsory. The secret sauce? Being extremely picky with your shopping choices and only ever investing in pieces you plan to wear for years to come.

The Christy Ng's Violeta Canvas Crossbody Bag is one such piece that’s more than worth its choice as a gorgeous bag. It’s the smaller, slightly more adorable version of the Viola Crossbody Bag. Sharing the same saddle shape silhouette, this bag is handmade from natural hard-wearing canvas and reinforced with vegan leather trims for structure and durability.

This flip-top cover opens up into a clean and spacious interior with a handy slip pocket to keep your smaller belongings organized. This bag comes with an antique gold-tone flip lock to keep your valuables safe. Attach the removable shoulder strap to use this bag hands-free!

3. Capri Woven Bag

When it comes to timeless must-haves, there’s a certain type of silhouette that just never fails to deliver no matter the occasion. From little purses, bucket bags to tote bags - we all have one. There’s no question that these pieces hold a precious seat that’s earnestly close to our hearts even when the zippers are falling off.

Christy Ng's Capri Woven Bag comes with this season's trending unmistakable woven style. Made from soft vegan leather, the strips are woven in a classic crisscross pattern that is bound to leave an impact wherever you go that subtly communicates you know your style. And just like a worthwhile bag, it’s as practical as they come with a functional zip closure that unfastens to reveal a spacious interior with a zipped pocket and a close-to-hand slip pocket.

Feel like switching things up? Simply use it as a top handle bag with the puffy and comfy handle or detach it and sling the adjustable shoulder strap to use it hands-free. This woven top handle bag is perfectly sized to store your daily essentials such as a short wallet, phone, and cardholders. If you want to go all the way, go ahead & knock yourself out with the charming picks from our woven shoe collection.

4. Reyna Mules

In all our years being in the industry, it would do you good to choose your fits aligned with the following quote - “Shoes will always either make a look or murder it”. With the millions of choices accessible right at the all-too-impulsive touch of our fingertips, it can be really hard to tell between what you actually need and what you don’t.

Believe us, we’ve been there one too many times. Being in the fashion industry, you’re essentially forced to grow an eye for spotting the jewels among the swarm of subpar knockoffs. And one such jewel is owning a pair of mules you’ll be wearing virtually every single day of the year.

The Christy Ng's Reyna Mules is the missing piece of your wardrobe and is poised to be your go-to shoes this season. Designed to go well with any of your outfits, these slip-in mules are passionately handmade from ultra-soft vegan leather. The trending puffed-up straps comfortably hug your feet and provide all-day comfort. These strappy slip-on mules sit on a comfortable 1.5-inch block heel that provides lift without sacrificing comfort. Perfect to be paired with your favourite denim or dress.

5. Terrazzo Fashion Mask

It’s long been settled, but the face mask is here to stay for a longer time than any of us can predict. It’s a practical accessory that is as much of a necessity as your laptop bag - just a whole lot more important. The good news is that you can now sport mesmerizingly pretty looks with fashion-designed masks like the Christy Ng's Terrazzo Fashion Mask. The Terrazzo print on this lightweight surgical mask features shards of abstract shapes in contrasting colours.

You’ve seen all the big guys do it and seen all over the runway this past year. Now you get to adorn your own stunner masks paired all cute with your outdoor fits.

Now all that’s left is to make sure that the mask actually complies with national standards.

This printed mask provides 3 layers of protection that comply with ASTM Level III certification. With 10 pieces in every pack, these masks are medically certified and comply with medical standards with UV sterilization, and are produced in a class-100k cleanroom environment.


  • UV-C germicidal sterilized
  • Medical grade material
  • ASTM F2100 Level III
  • EN14683 type IIR
  • Made in Malaysia by an ISO Certified company

6. Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag

If you’re in love with enchanting accessories, you’re going to fall in love with this piece. Ever wondered how the luxury resale market works & how they value their bags? Senior procurement directors of these companies are constantly on the lookout for the overall styles & silhouettes. That’s the big secret!

And Christy Ng's Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag carries the kind of silhouette you’d only spot on front page magazines in the arms of celebrities. It’s the front-runner type of style that’s all the rage right now whether people know it or not. It’s precisely the kind of statement-making piece we’ve been eyeing months before we launched this bag.

The Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag has a top handle that is ruched and scrunched from soft vegan leather that is carefully ruffled. This bag is perfectly sized to carry your daily essentials and more. Keep your belongings organized with the 2 internal slip pockets and use the zip pocket for items such as your keys and cards!

This hobo bag stands on its own amazingly well with its solid, flat-based bottom. A simple fold-down top handle and you can use it as a handy clutch. Wear this versatile piece with almost anything from your wardrobe this season.

7. Harley Satin Mules

This one is a warm-weather essential that’s perfect for Summers and random hot spells that are in full swing. Sandals are the type of shoes you’d be eyeing and sitting at the top of your list when hunting for fashion items. Sure, there’s a whole row of other choices open to you but nothing will pull away from the fact that shoes are the foundation of the look. This means if you have everything going perfect up top but you’re stuck with a mediocre pair, well, it’s going to be difficult.

The worst part is when you need something a little special for going out and the Christy Ng's Harley Satin Mules will be your trusty new go-tos for all your future dinners & fancy events.

Handcrafted from smooth satin, the uppers are carefully pleated and folded in an elegant twist that accentuates the lustrous finish of the satin. Designed with a cut that has a classic slip-in silhouette, this pair of mules sit on a comfortable 3-inch-heel that is slightly curved for a sculptural touch. This means when paired with your favourite dress or pants or denims, it’s an easy stunner.

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