Store Services

To further enhance your shopping experience, we offer the following services here at Shoe Heaven:-


Shoe Expansion

Expanding the width of your shoe to ensure a perfect fit. Expansion of your shoes will not cause any damages or changes to the aesthetic of the shoe. Expanding your shoes will help make the shoe more comfortable to wear in the event that you require a slightly bigger shoe girth.


Swarovski Embellishment Services.

Adding bling to your shoes is something we enjoy doing. Talk to our friendly staff and tell us how we  can create your dream shoe.

Cost depends on the complexity of the add-ons for each individual pair of shoes.

    Swarovski Crystal Embelishments on Shoe

General Guidelines:

Swarovski Crystal Color Chart


Store Beadwork Services.

As the saying goes, “Good things come to all who wait.”

We have a dedicated team of shoe beading professionals to help enhance the beauty of your shoes. Our team carefully beads beautiful charms, Japanese beads, pearls, sequins and more into the delicate intricacies into the matrix of your desired pair. We take our time to ponder over every slight detail and we take pride in making your shoes truly one of a kind.

We require a lead time of 1 week – 2 months depending on our work load schedule and complexity of the piece required.

Bead work in progress,shoe beading

Beading A Shoe