What a bride goes through during her wedding day

This article is written and contributed by Vincent Cheng Photography, about what a bride goes through on one of the most important days of her life.


Finally, your wedding day is here! The happiest day of your life where friends and family come together to celebrate the love you and your partner share.


Whether you are a bridechilla or a bridezilla about this whole getting-married thing. You can’t help it but go through different emotional stages during the wedding. So, what exactly does a bride go through during her wedding day?


Let us bring you through the journey…


1. The morning getting ready – Cranky mode

Make up sessions typically starts around Which means the bride needs to wake up as early as 5-5.30am.

Pic 1

Down a bottle of Brands (Essense of chicken) to last the day! =)


2. Final prep, looking FAB – Fabulous mode

Dolled up, now to dress up!

Pic 2.2

Picking the right shoes for the occasion… Christy Ng shoes of course!

3. Feeling loved – Love filled mode

A moment with the mom and dad.

Pic 3


4. The first look – Anxious mode

Groom has never seen his bride in a wedding gown. After battling through the bridal games, finally he gets to see his bride!

Pic 4


5. The ceremony – Mixed mode

Whether it is a church ceremony … traditional chinese tea ceremony… bride goes through a mix of emotions throughout

Church ceremony

Pic 5

From happily smiling to crying and back to feeling on top of the world again!

Pic 6

Chinese Tea ceremony

Pic 7

Pic 8

One shoes to match two different styling, only with Christy Ng Shoes.


6. The celebration – Party mode

The feeling of celebration when it finally hit you that you are married! Time to celebrate with family and friends.

Pic 9


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