Wedding Photographer in the limelight: Robert J Hill Photography


Portland-based photographer and traveler Robert J Hill chose weddings out of the many options in the photography world as weddings are the only form of art that evokes every emotion in him. This, in return, allows him to dedicate himself entirely to creating heartfelt aesthetics. His passion for his work makes wedding photography more than just his bread and butter- it is his forte. Ranging from a multitude of styles, we were blown away by his impressive portfolio.

His gentle approach with his clientele enables him to capture the special moments with such finesse that even camera-shy brides and unabashedly bashful grooms are able to go about comfortably in his presence. The typically daunting task that encapsulates the nature of wedding photography is non-existent with Robert in the house as he takes immaculately candid photographs of every moment worth cherishing throughout the process.

When he’s not shooting captivating engagement and wedding pictures, Robert is usually exploring nature on a hike, camping or taking a road trip. Usually these events also include eating ridiculously good food and hopefully meeting some new folks alongside, creating memories with his trusted camera.

“I have been incredibly privileged to shoot weddings in Europe, Africa, Asia and all over the United States on both the mainland and the islands. I’d love to hear where in the world you are planning your upcoming wedding.” – Robert J Hill

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