Wedding Palette 101: Name That Colour!

Here’s a lil something to help you brides out there in deciding the colour palette for your upcoming weddings!



Inspiration #1: Peach + Ruby

Photos: Levi Brown, Jeffrey Westbrook, J.Crew, Monique Lhullier, Dyad Photogrpahy

Inspiration #2: Red + Camel

Photo: Lisa Lefkowitz Photography; John Aquino; Dyad Photgraphy

Inspiration #3: Merlot + Peach + Sage



Inspiration #1:

Photo: Gorman Studio; Courtesy of Lauren Bohl White; Vogue Runway; KT Merry

Inspiration #2: Lime + Pink

Photos: Courtesy of Parcel, Oscar de la Renta, Erica O’Brein Cake Design, Aerialist Press, Mehlenbacher’s Taffy, BHLDN, Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design, and Wtoo


Inspiration #1: Orange + Peach

Photo: Courtesy of Heritage Organic Cakes; Michelle Able Photography for the School of Styling; Dyad Photography; Ted Cavanaugh

Inspiration #2: Tangerine + Orange + Yellow



Inspiration #1: Yellow + Grey + Silver

Inpiration #2: Navy + Yellow + Blue



Inspiration #1: Cranberry + Brown +Blue

Inspiration #2: Coffee + Grey + Navy

Inspiration #3: Aqua + Cherry Red + Khaki



Inspiration #1: Dark Gray + Soft Pink

Photo: Courtesy of Gorman Studios; Indigital Images; James Robert Moore

Inspiration #2: Lemon + Slate Grey

Photos: Nicholas Duers; Courtesy of Diane Furstenberg; Peden & Munk



Inspiration #1: Eggplant + Lilac

Photo: Diane Fields Photography; Krista Fox; Giovanni Giannoni

Inspiration #2: Amethyst + Blush

Photo: Getty Images

Inspiration #3: Lavender + Gold

Photos: Courtesy of Eric Piasecki; Thomas Iannaccone; Yasu + Junko; Corey Maywalt

Inspiration #4: Navy + Eggplant + Gold


Inspiration #1: Indigo + Sky Blue

Photo: Jasmine Star; Giovanni Giannoni; Diane Fields Photography

Inspiration #2: Navy + Green

Photo: Gorman Studio; Dyad Photography;; Tory Williams

Inspiration #3: Navy + Peach

Photos: Francois Halard; Yasu + Junko; Davide Maestri; and Jeffrey Westbrook

greensInspiration #1: White + Mint


Photo: Gorman Studio; Vogue Runway; Branco Prata Photography

Inspiration #2: Peach + Emerald

Photos: Courtesy of Leila Brewster Photography; Robin Banica; Jimmy Choo; Corey Maywalt

Inspiration #3: Emerald + Aqua



Photos: Courtesy of Tracy Reese; William Waldron; Nicholas Duers

Still perplexed? Read this article for further inspirations! All the best!

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