Ways You Can Save Money On Your Wedding

You’re dreaming of a fairy tale wedding but chances are, you’re being held back by budget constraints. Being in this scene long enough, our editors have come up with a list of ways you can reduce the cost of your wedding without sacrificing on style.

1. Don’t Get Married On A Saturday

This is the most popular day for people to get married. Even though many people are having their wedding dinners on a Saturday night, Friday and Sunday nights are becoming more common and acceptable. So why spend the extra money when you can get a much lower rate when you plan your wedding dinner on a Friday night?

2. Buy Your Wedding Shoes in A Style Or Color You Can Reuse

Most of the time, brides are concerned about the usage of their wedding shoes after their wedding. While you want to look gorgeous in a pair of designer shoe, we totally understand the hesitation. At Christy Ng Shoes, we always recommend our customers to choose a versatile color as your choice of wedding shoe. Shades like silver, dark champagne and gold can always double up as dinner shoes in the future. Besides that, you can always opt for a simple style such as bows or brooches if you want to reuse the shoe for future events.


Ivory Satin Wedding Shoe

3. Plan Your Destination Wedding Shoots Ahead

According to Paul Kong, a professional wedding photographer from LaFame Bridal Mansion at SS2 PJ, it is always cheaper to plan ahead and have your photo shoots during the off periods as his schedule is less packed and it allows him more leeway to plan and accommodate your requests. You can also check their schedule for their destination pre-wedding tour and plan accordingly.

Destination Pre-Wedding

Destination Pre-Wedding at France

4. Email Wedding Invitations Cards

Why spend money and print wedding invitation cards when you can save the earth (and your pocket) by designing and creating your own digital invitation card? Websites such as Canva provides a good platform for you to create your own professional looking wedding invitation card. They provide tutorials and templates which you can easily use.

5. Streamline The Number of Guest

Size matters – the size of your guest list will determine the cost of your wedding. Instead of extending your wedding invitation to everyone, try streamlining your guest list. It will not only reduce your wedding cost, it will also make the dinner experience more intimate for everyone. It also allows you to spend more quality time will all your guests. So, start streamlining your guest list today!

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