Things You Must Do On Your Wedding Day

Here are the top things you must do on your wedding day.

# 1 Eat properly

First things first! “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast”- we all have heard it a million times, but still fail to follow it. Especially on the day of your wedding, you need all the energy you can get to make it comfortably through the day. A good solid breakfast will give you energy to last the entire day!

#2 Tidy Up Your Space For Morning Photo Shoot

Never leave your surroundings in a mess – you don’t what clutter in your wedding photographs! The morning of your wedding has at last arrived and you’re eager to get the show out and about, yet there are still things you have to recall to do, even if you’ve planned everything down to the tiniest detail. You may be thinking that all you need to do now is get dressed, show up and say “I do.” It’s important to mind the small things, though; here are some things to keep in mind as you go over your wedding day morning checklist and attend to last-minute details.

#3 Relax & Rock Out

There’s a surefire approach to relax and get into your groove on your wedding day morning, and that’s to have a prepared playlist of your favorite songs going in the background while you’re getting ready for your big day. Everyone has their own way to find peace within and around themselves. All the wedding preparations and high levels of anticipation can give you goosebumps and increase your stress levels. Before or after the pre-wedding rituals or in between them, take some time to free your mind of everything else.

#4 Go to bathroom before you get dressed

This is a major important thing to do before your big day. This one is sort of self-explanatory, right? It’s hard (really, really hard) to use the bathroom once you have a long, full skirt on. Here’s my advice: Hydrate yourself really, really well before the ceremony and be sure to use the bathroom before getting dressed. Then don’t take in too much liquid to avoid the stress of having to struggle in the bathroom.

# 5 Get Your Hair and Makeup (Mostly) Done

A bride’s hair is her crowning glory. Don’t put on your gown until your hair and makeup is pretty much ready to go. And remember to step into your gown, rather than pulling it on over your head to avoid getting any makeup or hair products or make up stains on your dress. Once your gown is on, be sure to do a spot check and touch up your hair and makeup in case anything fell out of place while you were dressing.

# 6 Put your phone away:

Never be a handphone junkie. It’s so tempting to scroll through pictures of the event all night – but avoid this! Focus on every moment of the day because it’s gone in a flash. Also, waiting until the following morning to go through social media posts and photos is a great idea – it gives you something to look forward to once the excitement is gone!

#7 Be happy

Relax, this is the best time of your life! Take a moment to stop and think about how far you’ve come, whether it’s getting through the last few months of planning, or finally finding ‘the one’ after years of searching or just to really appreciate this unique and huge day in your life. It’s nice to do this once a year anyway but in particular on such an important day. Congratulate yourself for getting to where you are in your life. Appreciate how lucky you are to have found your soul mate, and to be marrying them before the people you love.

# 8 Wear the Right Type Of Wedding Shoes

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