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It comes in the nature of women to want the perfect wedding as it only happens once. And to have the perfect wedding, you need the perfect shoes. Christy Ng caters for all types of people from different countries across the world. It aligns with our objective to allow everyone to have their dream wedding shoes, according to their own preferences.

This time, Christy Ng is reaching out to the people of Thailand and Brunei to have a look at our bridal shoes. We offer modern, classy heels perfect for all types of wedding events, be it a traditional wedding, or a modern wedding. Everything is possible at Christy Ng, even custom-making your own heels. For the people of Thailand and Brunei where traditional weddings are a common thing, Christy Ng heels are the shoes to go for to complete the overall look. The heels are available in low to medium height, depending on the your preference and height, and can be designed however you want it.

If you worry that you will be walking a lot on your wedding day, and are in need of comfortable heels, Christy Ng heels are also the ones for you. Here at Christy Ng, we emphasize on comfort as we know how important it is to walk in comfy shoes. Most of our bridal heels are made with cow leather and other manmade materials to ensure a comfortable fit. Some feature platforms so that you won’t be walking on hard and flat ground on your wedding day. If you are looking for extra comfort, we also offer padding choices for you to insert inside your heels to ensure a softer insole.

Some of our bridal heels are featured below:

Our Ivory Peep Toe Heel, complete with a bow (add-on) and 4.5 inch heels. The back of the shoes are made of cow leather for long lasting comfort.

Our Princess Charlotte Nude Heels, here pictured with one of our accessories, an applique. You have the choice of adding the applique and Swarovski crystals as in the picture, or have it plain and simple.

Pictured here are our Giselle White Lace Heels that come with an adjustable ankle strap, and lacy material that covers most parts of the heels.


For the brides in Thailand and Brunei, as well as for all the other brides all around the world, we also specialize in writing specific wordings in Swarovski crystals.

With our heels, you will be sure to float through your wedding day in not only beauty at its maximum, but also comfort. Get ready to receive numerous compliments from attendees at your wedding about your dream pair of bridal heels. If you are interested in customizing your own heels, be sure to log onto our website to be mesmerized by all our wedding heel collections. While you are at it, consider coming to Malaysia and give our stores a visit! (In case you need to try on the heels beforehand ;))

Shop online for our bridal heels now at! While we do not offer free shipping for Thailand and Brunei, we do offer worldwide shipping which ensures your heels arrive in time for your wedding!

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