Our velour and beatrice sandals, and our kelly blossom heels!

At Christy Ng, something new is always coming up, as we deeply believe in innovation to compete. Although our products are always changing, we still make sure that the quality of our products do not change. We believe in quality for comfort, something that you can always trust on us at Christy Ng.

If you feel shopping online for sandals is tough, whether it doesn’t fit your preference, or the sandals themselves are not comfortable, then you have made the right choice to consider Christy Ng. Here, we offer not only high heels for occasions and work, but also casual flats and sandals for those who choose to look more sporty and informal.

Introducing our brand new chic Velour Velvet Sandals that will wow everyone who takes a peek at it.

Velour Velvet Sandals in Taupe

Velour Velvet Sandals in Maroon

Velour Velvet Sandals in Pink

Not only are these sandals handmade with care, but it is also very, very easy to just slip them on! Featuring a big-sized velvet ribbon that makes a statement to the sandals, you can pair it with any outfit to finish your whole look. The insides of the sandals are also lined with microfiber lining to give a good fit to whoever who wears it. 3 gorgeous colors are available to match any outfit you are donning. You can shop online for these sandals at!


Also new to Christy Ng is our very own Beatrice Summer Sandals! You can never go wrong with a pair of simple sandals perfect for a day out at your local shopping mall.

Beatrice Summer Sandals in Orange

Beatrice Summer Sandals in Taupe

Beatrice Summer Sandals in Pastel Blue

The very simple sandals are made for casual wearers to put on on a very hot day out. The Beatrice is made using leatherboard, as an alternative to flats for daily wear. Complete with some straps to hold down the wearer’s feet, the sandals also come with a toe ring for a more secure fit. These sandals are available in 3 different colors. You can now shop for all the colors online at! Also, fear not, free shipping is covered for Malaysia and Singapore!

With the Velour and Beatrice sandals, you need not worry about purchasing uncomfortable sandals. These sandals guarantee and extra level of comfort, as that is what Christy Ng is known for. While you are at it with the sandals, don’t forget to check out our brand new collection in heels, the Kelly Blossom collection (as seen below). All of them are available online at anytime, anyday.


The Kelly Blossom collection is perfect for anyone who loves a little embroidery to spice things up a little.

Kelly Blossom Heels in Black

Kelly Blossom Heels in Taupe

Kelly Blossom Heels in Taupe

These 4″ inches high heels are suited for both casual and formal wearers. They can be worn out to the shopping mall, and also to your work department annual dinner. Made to cater for embroidery lovers, this pair of shoes are sure to complete your ‘dress to impress’ look! These Kelly heels feature thick heels to ensure better balance, and an adjustable ankle strap, as well as padded footbed for extra comfort. Available in 2 colors, these heels are definitely the ones you have been looking for. Wait no more, and shop for these high heels online now at!

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