In honor of the breast cancer awareness month

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year will fall in October 2017, where everyone is encouraged to wear anything pink in support of all breast cancer patients. Here is a little history on the Breast Cancer Awareness month:

The Breast Cancer month is dedicated to provide moral support to all women who are suffering from breast cancer. Normally, events are organized in order to raise funds for all breast cancer patients in need of extra money to get treatment. During this month, the Breast Cancer National Foundation, established also to provide financial and moral support to breast cancer patients, hold events such as the Breast Cancer Marathon Run, where all or most of the proceeds go to its fund, and community events such as the “Wear it pink! Day” at work or at school. Besides trying to raise funds, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month also aims to raise consciousness on the importance of breast awareness, education and research.

To highlight this event, we at Christy Ng would like to show our support by directing all attention to our products in pink, and you know we have numerous of those! This October, dress in everything pink from your top, to your shoes, to your bag and accessories to remind people of the Breast Cancer Awareness month, and also to show your support for the campaign. Log onto to our website to shop for pink shoes and bags! If you need our help, here are our top picks of the month!

1. FUNK Audrey in Pink

This smooth velvet pair of heels will help you get that trendy look to pair with your favorite jeans. Complete with a 0.5 inch platform, this pair of sneakers comes with a padded insole to keep you comfy all day. If you are looking for a sporty look to dress in during the Breast Cancer Awareness month, do check this out online! And don’t forget to shop til’ you drop!


2. Artemis Scallop Sandal in Pink

Be girly and simple at the same time with this pair of scallop sandals suitable for a casual day out with friends to the park. Show your support for the Breast Cancer Awareness month by slipping into this timeless and trendy beauty sandals, which are so easy to put on! It comes with a very soft sole, complete with a microfiber lining insole to provide maximum comfort. These open sandals are perfect for a hot day, and as a plus point, you will indirectly be reminding people around you to also wear pink!


3. Wendy Suede Heels in Pink you would like to look taller and classy this season, but would like to show support for the Breast Cancer Awareness month at the same time, then these are the shoes for you. The Wendy suede heels are suited with a 3.5 inch heel, and are heavily padded at the insoles to give you lasting comfort throughout the whole day. If you shop for these heels online from Malaysia or Singapore, you will be able to enjoy free shipping with every purchase! So shop now at!


Support the Breast Cancer Foundation in creating awareness all around the world by making sure your dress code is pink and only pink! To shop for more designs, be it bags or shoes, online, visit our website now! Also, if you are interested to donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund their research, find out how you can here. But most importantly, learn of the dangers of breast cancer and spread the word! Together, we can fight breast cancer!


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