How much do Malaysians spend on their wedding?

We all want to live happily ever after. Given the rising living cost, weakening ringgit and GST – prices are inevitably increasing. Gone are the days where wedding reception can be celebrated inexpensively. At today’s day and age, how much does an average Malaysian couple spend on their wedding? The Shoe Heaven team gets up close and personal as we speak to our lovely customers Sarah & Vincent to obtain the ball park figures on how much an average Malaysian Wedding will cost.

Sarah Jing Ling & Vincent Ho : A Peranakan Wedding


Nyonya Peranakan Wedding

Nyonya Peranakan Wedding


Peranakan Wedding Celebration


How much do Malaysians spend on weddings?

Sarah and Vincent opted for a traditional Peranakan themed wedding. Sarah is an education entrepreneur while Vincent is a software engineer.

Wedding Expenditure Breakdown

Pre wedding photographs + gowns : RM3000.00 via bridal house and additional RM2,000.00 via freelance photographers
Customized Wedding Gown: Nyonya Kebaya RM1000.00
Wedding Shoes : RM1,000.00 ( x 3 pairs)
Decoration: Church + house RM2,000.00
Ang pao: RM5,000.00 ( Inclusive of ang paos to the priest, choir, opening of door ceremony etc)
Door Gits & Printing: RM3,000.00
Wedding Dinner: RM1,200.00 per table x 50 tables , Venue is at Tai Thong Chinese restaurant. This expense was covered by the generous guests who gave Ang Pows as blessings during the dinner.

* It is a tradition amongst the Chinese to give red packets with money during a wedding celebration as a form of blessing to the newly weds.

Total Wedding Cost : RM77,000.00

Wedding Cost

Average Wedding Cost in Malaysia

Peranakan Wedding

Peranakan Wedding

Special thanks to Sarah & Vincent for allowing us to feature them in this article! We hope this article gives all Malaysians a better idea on how much a wedding will cost.


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