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Attending an event or a function and you don’t know what shoes to put on? Are you in need of a pair of comfortable heels that could potentially impress? Look no more! Online shop at now, where all the extravagant and lavish shoes are! If you are looking for a pair of down-to-earth shoes, or more casual shoes, also log on to Christy Ng’s website to get a taste of what shoe heaven is really like. At Christy Ng, every woman’s dream shoes come to life, so wait no more! Shop online now at!

If you are on the lookout for something to wear for an event that is coming up, be it a wedding or your company’s annual dinner, you have come to the right place. This blog post will introduce to you some of Christy Ng’s best and fanciest heels to don at an event. You only need to stand tall and walk with a smile.

The Kelly Blossom Heels

Kelly Blossom Black Heels

New to Christy Ng and the Blossom Collection of which it is part of, Kelly allows customers to stand 4 inches taller than normal in its embroidered, thick heel. The thickness of the heel is to ensure a steadier walk for those who are not used to walking in heels. There is also an adjustable ankle strap and padded footbed for extra comfort. With this pair of Kelly heels, customers can expect many pairs of eyes looking down to admire the beauty of it. Shop for these high heels online now at!


The Izzati Heels

Izzati Gold Heels


The Izzati heels, which only come in the color gold, will catch every looking eye in the room. This pair of heels features very edge cuttings at the back of the heels, with a 4 inch heel to add some class to the whole look. The Izzati heels also has an adjustable ankle strap for a more secure fit, and a padded footbed for maximum comfort. Wait no longer, purchase these high heels online now at and trust me, your wardrobe will look so much better!


The Bridget Pleated Mules

Bridget Nude Pleated Mules

One of Christy Ng’s proudest collections, the Bridget, offers those who wear them a touch of elegance and complexity. Customers can wear a simple look and put on these Bridget heels to look a little extra. These Bridget heels can be worn with dresses, and even jeans, or even better, a white pair of pants. This will help the Bridget stand out in the overall look with its satin finish. As easy as it is to look good in the Bridget, it is even easier to slip into this pair of high heels. Complete with a 4 inch heel, the Bridget is also lined with microfiber lining to add to the level of comfort. If these heels are what have in mind to don at an event, shop online now at!


The Harley Glitter Platform Heels

Harley Blue Glitter Platform Heels

The Harley Glitter platform heels will shine from a distance away making them stand out in the crowd. Crafted with a crossed strap that ends with an adjustable strap to ensure a secure fit, the Harley will provide not only beauty but also comfort for those who wear it. The heel of the Harley is 4.5 inches high, with a 0.5 inch front platform that also has the same glittery finish as the front straps. With a padded footbed, the Harley will ensure extra comfort with it being made out of cow leather and also other man made materials. These heels are perfect or a night out with friends, or an important event or formal function at work. Shop for these gorgeous beauties online now at!


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