5 Steps to Choose the Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes

We get it. Most women face a love-hate relationship with shoes. What more for wedding shoes. Which is why smart brides opt for professional advice when it comes to choosing their wedding shoes. Here at Christy Ng Shoes, we cater such advices based on our primary foundations, namely, experience and expertise.

Here is a list of guideline to follow:


Step 1: Does it complement your wedding dress?

It’s often easier to pick with your wedding gown in mind. After all, you would want your shoes to match your apparel on your Big Day. You might’ve undergone a tedious process to finally decide on the gown of your dream and we’re guessing you’re less than willing to go through yet another similar process for shoes. No. We’ve decided that you don’t deserve the extra (not to mention, redundant) stress!

We suggest that you pick according to the fabric texture of your shoes, be it elegant lace silhouette, smooth satin or full-on glitter to keep the limelight on you.

Featured: (L-R) Donna Ivory Wedding HeelsGold Rose Wedding Heels, Maleficent Gold Glitter Heels


Step 2: Heels or Lower Heels?

Determine how tall you want to look on your Big Day. Do you need to match up to your 180-cm-tall groom? Are you on eye-level with your better half? For the former situation, fret not as we carry a large variety of elegant 5-inch shoes. If you identify better with the latter, it is advisable to spare too much neck-craning activity and opt for lower heels. Comfort is also key. If you don’t normally rock 5-inch heels on a regular basis, why risk it on your Big Day?

Featured: (L-R) Lady Catherine White HeelsGiselle White HeelsPrincess Layla Ivory, Dorothy White Heels


Step 3: Ostentatious or Minimal?

Again, this is exclusively dependant on your wedding dress. As a general rule, keep the focus of your updo to one particular item, either the intricately-designed gown or a show-stopping pair of heels. With that said, it’s best to match plain shoes with an elaborate dress or vice versa. This is pertinent to avoid appearing too ‘heavy’ or ‘busy’ to the eye.

Featured: (L-R) Cranberry Glitter Champagne Heels, Maleficent Gold Glitter Heels, Mabel White Closed Toe PumpsVenus Ivory Heels


Step 4: Sweet or Elegant?

Yet again, your wedding dress need to be taken into consideration. It is best to match your shoes to the nature of the garment.

Featured: (L-R) Cranberry IvoryAffection Ivory Wedding HeelsChloe Gold Heels, Donna Nude Lace Heels


Step 5: Do you plan to re-wear your wedding shoes?

If the answer is yes, you might want to opt for plain satin shoes such as our Rose and Love series, topped with detachable embellishments to jazz up or jazz down your shoes as you please.

Featured: (clockwise) (L-R) Columba shoe clip, Ursa Minor shoe clip, Lynx shoe clip, Lyra shoe clip


We cater bespoke requests and international needs. Being the proud host to our 3D shoe engine (the first of its kind in Asia), we provide over 1 million possible design combinations in terms of different material options, heel heights, heel types, body pattern types, and accessories to create your dream shoes fit for every occasion. Do refer to our Sizing Guideline for definite precision. We ship both local and worldwide.

Dear Malaysian brides as well as our international readers, look no further because we’re your best bet when it comes to wedding shoes. Check out our exclusive selections and let us know which is your fav!


Credits: Header image taken by Vincent Cheng Photography.

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