13 Signs He’s The One

Sometimes when you least expect it you find yourself falling in love over and over with your best friend. The feelings are too weird to describe but it’s too strong to deny either. What are the qualities you should look out for in him so that your union will be a happily ever after? Here are 13 tell tale signs that he’s the one, so why don’t you be the one to pop the question.

1. His face lights up when you walk into the room.

Have you seen how a little puppy wags his tail and get all excited when he sees his master? Well, you are not his master (yet) but the adoration and love you see in his eyes melts your heart every time you meet. I’m not talking about the feeling of a spinning room and wobbly legs. That could just be that you are feeling a tad too tired from a hard day’s work. It’s that undeniable sheepish grin that he flashes at you to tell you that he is truly happy you’re in his life.

2. He makes you smile. He makes you laugh.

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. It is therapeutic that he can make you smile and laugh effortlessly. As couples grow together in a marriage, there is bound to be many problems and obstacles in their married life. More often than not, looking after children and going through finances may cast a burden on your shoulders but at the end of the day, being able to share a private joke or a  moment of laughter may just be that happily ever after that every woman wants to have in a relationship.

3.  He tells you about work.

Sharing his daily endeavours about work with you is a sign that he thinks of you as his equal. Men are egoistic creatures by nature, so it is a consolation that he confides in you major decisions about his career and takes the time to have you understand his struggles and shares with you his successes. Many women find it annoying to have to listen to men talk about work, but be proud that he loves you enough to share with you all the details, much like how best friends do.

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4. He invites you to spend time with him and his friends.

There is no such thing as boys’ night out to him. Even if the boys are not bringing their other half’s, he is not worried about having you join in their drinking or teh-tarik sessions. In any healthy relationship, it is vital that couples maintain their own friends and have their own hobbies. So although he invites you to all his outings, decline his offer sometimes and give him and you the space that all strong marriages are made of.

5. He is still chivalrous.

Have there been instances after your many years together that he has stopped doing the little things for you? If ‘No’ is your answer, this man is for keeps. It’s really all in the little things. The way he holds the door for you, the simple gesture of driving the car up the curb and coming round with a huge umbrella for you in the rain. The loving way he picks out bones from the fish for you to peeling the shells off the prawns. If he has not stopped doing them, chances are when baby arrives, all these chivalrous deeds will ease your post partum blues a whole lot.

6. He respects your career.

He takes pride in what you do for a living and encourages you everyday to give your best at work because he knows you love your job. There is nothing more enduring than a man who is comfortable letting his woman shine.

7. He enjoys spending time with your family and vice versa.

He is the one who reminds you that your Mom’s birthday is coming up next month and is looking forward to partying with your family. He also ensures that you are comfortable spending time with his family. It is inevitable that family squabbles will happen but he is sensible and sensitive to everyone’s feelings and makes sure you are not stressed up at family get-togethers.

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8. He genuinely cares about your friends.

Keeping each other’s friends even after you tie knot is essential in any marriage. So if he genuinely cares about the welfare of your friends, he is one who understands how important BFF’s are.

9.  He compliments you out of the blue.

Does he take notice that there is something special about you today? Sure, 89% of men rarely notice any changes about their partner, so if he does notice that there is something different by the way you look today but can’t pinpoint what it is, you are considered very lucky. On the other hand, If he does notice in detail what’s different, you might want to throw in the towel as he is most likely your best friend!

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10. He misses you.

Ever got a call in the middle of the day from him saying he misses you? Well, he probably does. Sometimes, he doesn’t even need to say it, you will be able to tell it in his voice.

11. He loves children and animals.

I used to get annoyed that my then boyfriend would wink at another person while having dinner with me until I turned around to look and saw the most angelic face of a two year old staring back at him. Yes, if he loves children or animals (you will soon find out that they are pretty much the same), he will be great with looking after the kids when you are out with your BFF’s for Oktoberfest.

12. He’s seen you at your best and worst.

Milestones in life are treasured memories. He has seen how ecstatic you were when your sister had her first child, he has seen you drunk as a skunk and he has seen how emotional you are when your best friend found out her husband was having an affair. In short, he has seen your mascara run from here to Las Vegas in happy moments and in sad and is still by your side.

13. You don’t agree on everything.

You think that country music is lame and he thinks that your favourite singer can’t sing. He insists that reverse parking is the best way to get into a parking lot and you think the future driver should have some kind of martial arts background. Who cares? Happily married couples will tell you that it is perfectly alright to disagree on certain subjects. Both of you just need to iron out those differences and come to a compromise.

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There is no perfect someone, just someone that is perfect for you. We all have our flaws and imperfections, but that’s what makes and keeps a union interesting. Always remember the three A’s that makes up the fundamentals of a happy marriage, Affirmation, Acknowledgement and Appreciation.



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