10 Ways to Choose and Make the Most Out of Your Bridal Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is a unique, once in a lifetime accessory. When else in your lifetime would you be able to carry around a beautiful bunch of flowers specially crafted for you? It is most likely though that to your husband to be, a bunch of flowers is probably the last thing on his mind. However, if you didn’t realise already, the bouquet will actually be more prominent compared to your ring as you’re walking down the aisle.

As we won’t be getting much help from him, we have the experts from LavieFlo to help you answer questions such as; what flowers should you include in your bouquet? What shapes or colours work best with your dress? How big should your bouquet be? They also share extra tips on making the most of your wedding bouquet, so read on!

1. Choose your wedding dress before your flowers

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When you meet your florist for the first time, ideally at this point in the wedding plan timeline you would have already selected your dress and settled on an ideal theme. Bring the photo of the dress along for a better picture or share your Idea Book. The florists cannot stress enough that the design of your bouquet highly dependent on the style, shape and detail of your dress.

2. Consider the shape and size of your bouquet carefully

The fundamentals to a good bouquet design are that it should not drown you, hide the silhouette of the dress and create unbalanced the lines. Usually both bouquet shape and size is measured according to the frame size of the bride. Florists usually have different diameters of bridal bouquets that suit different needs. For example if you’re a petite girl, the bouquet should be smaller and must never outshine the bride in the wedding photos.

3. Find out what flowers are in season on your wedding day

Being in South East Asia, we are lucky that we are not directly affected by the seasons as florist usually are able to get most flowers by importing them. Consult your florist about the sources of the flowers they carry in store beforehand, as not to be affected by flower season but rather the more common flora used for weddings throughout the year. Namely Roses, Hydrangeas, Tuberoses, Pompom Mums, Calla Lillies and Dendrobiums. Only unique colors may require additional lead-time for delivery.  Just advise your florist beforehand!

4. Consider the exact colour of your wedding dress/ ROM dress

Nicholas & Lina by Stories by Intergricity.

You may think that everything goes with white but colour is key, particularly with whites, ivories and creams as there are so many different shades! Your florists can recommend the precise type of bloom to work well with the exact colour of your dress. Don’t neglect matching your bridesmaid’s dresses too.

Typically, florists would advise to have some contrast in colours for bridal bouquets against the dress; the bouquet colours should not blend in with the dress. But the theme colour should be a harmonious combination at the end of the day.

5. Make it personal

Brooches are a lovely way to put the finishing touches on the handle.  If you have a family heirloom such as an antique brooch, a meaningful lace hanky or even spare material if you are having your dress made or altered, these can be used to add a personal touch.

6. How to hold your bouquet

Kay Jinn & Kayse by Sunnysan Photography.

As you make your dramatic entrance down the wedding aisle, practice by holding your bouquet in one hand, just below your hip, slightly away from your body with your elbows pointed out just a bit to reveal the curve of your waist making that silhouette of your gorgeous bodice visible. Alternatively, you could just grab the arms of the person walking you down the aisle as this will open your shoulders and create a more relaxed look for the photographers!

7. Choose a comfortable bouquet

Donovan & Yvonne’s Big Day by Adorn by Shinny Ong.


Keep in mind that your bouquet should also really feel comfortable in your hands as you would be the main focus and looking awkward, hunched or lopsided carrying a large bunch of flowers would ruin it.

8. Make it picture perfect

Photo by Napie Moksin Photography.

Close up pictures of your bouquet are divine, so be sure to ask your photographer to take some close ups. Most bridal bouquet may be collected as early as 6 months prior to her wedding date if she is using it for ROM & Pre-wedding photoshoot. This also translates to more time to practice used to it! Most florists even provide maintenance services within the gap of the multi-event dates.

9. Keep your bouquet looking fresh into the evening.

If you have a traditional hand tied bouquet, you are likely to be able to refresh it at the end of the day by cutting an inch of the stems and popping it into water. Opt for bridal bouquets which are hassle free, whereby no watering or chilling needed throughout the duration. They just need to be handled with care to avoid damage.

10. Enjoy your beautiful bouquet and you don’t have to toss it, you could always preserve it!

With THE right bridal bouquet, you probably will hesitate at tossing the bouquet! It’s easy to lose track of the bridal bouquet after it’s tossed. If you want to save it, have the florist make a “toss bouquet” — a small, inexpensive flower arrangement made to be thrown over the shoulder to guests.

With an everlasting bridal bouquet, the bridal bouquet can be used repeatedly in the pre-wedding photoshoot, ROM and eventually on the actual wedding day itself so you do not have to spend on flowers that won’t last until the next event.


Most bridal bouquets can be customised to your favourite flower and colour. Some florists even provide lasting bouquets where the flowers are engineered not to wilt. However, the condition will slowly deteriorate depending on the environment it is kept in and natural wear and tear.



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