10 Tips You Need to Know Before your Pre – Wedding Photo Shoot.

We deal with brides on a daily basis and we know for a fact that your pre wedding photo shoot is something you will definitely need to get right at the very first time! This can be a very nerve wrecking process, and some professional advice will go a long way for all brides to be out there.

The Shoe Heaven editorial team spoke to wedding photographer, Andrew Yep who helped identify the top 10 things couples should know before their pre wedding shoot. This is definitely a worthy read. After all, couples spend thousands on getting their memories captured – let’s not let those thousands of dollars go to waste!

1. Meet with your photographer and make-up artist to discuss about the preferred personal styling and theme.

Your wedding photographer and make-up artist are your creative force who will put your masterpiece together. Be sure to sit down with them to have a clear and collective discussion about your photo shoot direction. Communication is key for your make-up artist to determine the right type of make-up and hairdo that is suitable for you for the wedding photo shoot.

Your wedding photographer will guide you in ensuring that your personal preferred style is reflected in the photos. Discuss and determine the art direction for the shoot based on your budget, and you can start to gather all the necessary elements such as gowns, shoes, flowers, props and decorations.

Trust your photographer and make-up artist and you will look great in the photos.

Outdoor wedding shoot

Outdoor wedding shoot


2. Try to do your gown fitting as close to the shooting date as possible.

It is essential for brides to go for their wedding gown fitting as close to the shooting date as possible. This is simply because brides tend to either loose or put on weight towards their wedding date. Therefore it is always advisable to get your gown/attire fitting done closer to the shooting date so that it fits your body perfectly. The perfect fit will ensure a sleek look that flatters your body on the most important photo shoot of your life.

Gown Fitting

Gown Fitting

3. Prepare an exercise regime. You will want to look at your best on your pre-wedding shoot and wedding day.

We all want to look our best in all our wedding pictures. A healthy diet and exercise regime will make sure you look radiant on your biggest day. Start exercising consistently and eat healthily a few months before your shooting date!

4. Start going to regular facials a few months before. Stop at least one week before. Do frequent masks at home a few days before the shoot to keep your facial skin in glowing condition.

A perfect complexion is definitely every bride’s most essential accessory. Planning for a wedding can be nerve wrecking and you would want to ensure everything falls into place perfectly. Facials help brides to calm down, relax and enjoy their wedding preparation process. Doing masks at home is a quick and convenient way to get your skin well hydrated a few days before. A good skin condition also helps in ensuring that the make-up stays on well. So start to pamper your skin and keep them in glowing condition.

 5. Do your manicure and pedicure.

Be sure to get a nice manicure and pedicure to look polished in all photographs. You would want to show off your beautiful toes and finger nails, especially when you are wearing that huge diamond ring!

Wedding Manicure6. Never keep your bouquet in your home refrigerator. Keep it in a container filled with water and place in an air-conditioned room.

Most of the time, you will get your bouquet or flowers a day before the shoot. For a country like Malaysia, our normal room temperature is a little too hot, too humid, and as for our home refrigerator, they are just too cold for the flowers. Fill a pail or vase with water and place your flowers in it, and keep them in an air-conditioned room overnight. This will ensure that the flowers stay fresh and still look good the next day.

Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photoshoot


7. Bring your high heels and slipper/flats. Change to slippers/flats when you are required to walk a lot.

Your pre-wedding photo shoot can take hours to complete. Furthermore, if your shoot takes place in very rough and challenging terrain like a paddy field or a forest, you don’t want your beautiful wedding shoes to get stained with mud or dirt. In between shoots, be smart and change into your slippers. This will help to keep your feet fresh and comfortable as the shoot may go on the whole day. Comfort is the key to look good in wedding photographs.

Sandals on Wedding Day

Sandals on Wedding Day


 8. Sleep early to avoid looking tired and having possible puffy eyes.

Sleep as early as possible and drink plenty of water before your big day. Drinking sufficient water will keep you hydrated and looking fresh. But reduce the drinking a few hours leading to the time before your sleep. Taking in too much water before you sleep may contribute to puffy eyes. The last thing you want is to have puffy eyes which will still be visible in your wedding pictures despite all the make-up and concealer used. Of course there is always the Photoshop magic but nothing beats the natural look.

9. Bring more than one silicon bra as backup as sweat can reduce the stickiness. 

This is something most brides overlook. Your chest area may get sweaty during the photo shoot especially if it’s an outdoor shoot and it is definitely a smart move as the silicon bra you are wearing inside your gown may lose its stickiness due to sweat.

10. Trust your photographer and make-up artist.

We can’t emphasize how important this is! Your creative team are trained professionals and have done wedding shoots many times. Trust them with all your hearts and you will look great!

Wedding Make Up

Wedding Make Up

Lace Wedding Shoes

Lace Wedding Shoes

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All photographs featured in this post are works of Andrew Yep Photographie.

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